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New features from Microsoft at TechEd

Microsoft has been doing some pretty impressive things recently. I had the opportunity to go to their annual Tech-Ed Conference this past April in Houston and learn about their existing and upcoming technology that can potentially be used in our environment. One piece of technology is called Microsoft Azure. We are already utilizing Azure to…


Want to know how a decision will affect your business before you make it?

LabClarity is an online financial education tool that will allow Lab Managers to explore different scenarios within your laboratory testing activities.  LabClarity is geared toward assisting small to medium size labs who want to better understand the cost effectiveness of conducting near patient testing in their laboratory.  The LabClarity tool will enable managers to explore…


The Big Mobile Development Questions

With Mobile Devices projected to be 1.4 per capita by 2018, the reality of having a roadmap involving their usage regardless of the industry is becoming a necessity.  Thankfully there are many technologies available today to help facilitate a rapid development depending on your team’s skillset and your application.  In the end however, each company…