Custom Application Development

NextLOGiK uses its unique skills in custom application development to support both commercial and government clients in their quest to drive revenue, reduce costs, and improve the efficiency of their business operations. We solve complex business problems using a combination of the latest technologies and some of the best and most experienced software engineers in the industry. Through a set of solid industry-standard processes and refined best practice methodologies we bring predictable success to each new venture.

In today’s rapidly evolving technical world, having software to interface with internal and external customers has become a standard across all industries. With the increased use of mobile devices (both smartphones and tablets) the need for a universal tool to display and interact with your data is necessary for a business to grow. Our team at NextLOGiK has been actively developing in the mobile space for over three years across the main platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone with apps in the stores for each respective platform.

Our development team actively develops custom software applications for the following platforms using the latest technology available on the Microsoft .NET Framework:

  • Web (Both Mobile and Desktop)

  • Native Windows Apps (Both Desktop and Windows Store)

  • Native Windows Phone 7.x/8.x Apps

  • Native Android Apps

  • Native iOS Apps (Both iPhone and iPad)

  • Backend Web Services (Both SOAP and REST)

We develop all of our .NET Applications with a SQL Server 2012 backend. Our team also has extensive experience with custom XML based databases, Oracle and MySQL.

Our Approach

A disciplined and proven process is critical to efficient and effective web and application development.  The NextLOGiK team believes that one of our strongest qualifications is our four-step process, based on the Rational Unified Process™, providing a solid foundation for our success.

  • Inception

    During Inception, we educate ourselves and the client with all the information and challenges that the project presents. Depending on the project, the Inception Phase can comprise of discovery and marketing strategy, information architecture, and requirements. This phase yields several deliverables which collectively define the “blueprint” by which the project team will build the solution.

  • Elaboration

    We create the specific plan of attack during the Elaboration phase. Project plans are finalized including timelines for content delivery, change control measures, and so forth. We begin to explore the initial creative interface solutions and also start developing application prototypes.

  • Construction

    During the Construction phase, we execute the project plan. Design templates are developed, coding for applications is done, and content is integrated. The project manager sends weekly emails to the entire team providing status of milestones and tasks as well as any other pending issues. The final part of this phase is delivery, where the site is submitted into a quality assurance process for checks against the compatibility baseline that was established at the start and all bugs are worked through until a solid result is achieved.

  • Transition

    At the Transition stage, we deploy the site to the live environment and monitor it on an ongoing basis for any bug or error reports as well as overall performance analysis.  Depending on the project, this is also the stage at which we begin our training process for both internal and client-side maintenance needs so that those who need to interact with the directories or the content management applications are prepared.

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