NextLOGiK began as the IT department of COLA Inc., a provider of clinical laboratory compliance and accreditation solutions in the United States for more than 20 years. When Kirk Couser, CEO of NextLOGiK, started at COLA he recognized that there were many repetitive, manual tasks involved in their accreditation process, paired with little collaboration between the laboratories they accredit. To solve this, he created CompWALK to help organizations conduct efficient inspections and easily share information.

CompWALK is a cloud-based, online and mobile solution that automates compliance, inspections, and certification operations. CompWALK reduces the time it takes to complete assessments and issue reports while storing and managing all documentation in a singular repository. By automating many manual, time-consuming tasks and migrating the data collection process to the cloud, CompWALK allows organizations to conduct assessments efficiently, from anywhere, saving them time and resources.

CompWALK Enterprise supports more complex business operations surrounding accreditation, including scheduling automation, workflow automation, client portal and educational opportunities.

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